Saturday, 21 March 2009

The Genius that is... Martin Jarvis

I was so enormously delighted when I heard that Martin Jarvis would record the audiobook version of Flood and Fang, first book in the Raven Mysteries, and even more delighted to witness his utter genius last Thursday evening as he put the finishing touches to the book. He's added a whole new level of humour to the book and it was great to see such a great actor at work on Edgar and co...
Humble thanks are in order.


I've been fairly busy with events of late. Here's shot from a signing after a lovely visit to Burford School for World Book Day. I've also been recently to Magdalen College School, Oxford, and Eastbourne, for a great time with the East Sussex Libraries Service.
Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and making the events such fun!

Gasp! The Raven Mysteries is unleashed...

Heh, heh, heh. Solstice, Cudweed and of course Edgar the Raven are now available and waiting to be discovered in the first of The Raven Mysteries; Flood and Fang. 

I only pity the poor kitchen maids who keep getting eaten...