Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Author event by Skype

So, I just visited America, for an hour, to do a school visit, by Skype.

The photo shows students from Gilbert H Hood Middle School, in Derry, New Hampshire.

This is the first time I've done an event by Skype - it was the idea of librarian Kathy Lane, and it was enormous fun. As I sat in my writing shed as dusk fell in England, I spoke to the students in Derry, about writing in general and about Revolver in particular.

The picture was great throughout, and with the aid of a roving mic I was able to hear the students' questions. Though I would normally use powerpoint to do an event, I was able to wave various things at the students that related to their questions - my notebook, the shell case that inspired Revolver in the first place, and so on. It was a very different, exciting kind of event, and I got to speak to students I would normally never be able to.

A taste of the future, and a very enjoyable one at that. Thanks to Kathy Lane, Mr Keeley, and all the students of the PACE group at Gilbert H Hood Middle School. Great fun to talk to you.

The only sad thing, maybe, was that I couldn't sign a book for anyone :-(

(Though there's even a machine that can do that now - they have one Waterstones Bookshop, Picadilly, London...)