Friday, 24 April 2009

Creative thinking...

Have been in Wales teaching creative writing with Matt Whyman. Enormously rewarding and even more tiring, and even more than that, my brain actually hurts. 
But the chance to think freely for a few days - priceless.

Love the path by the river below David Lloyd (/Health Clubs/Cole and the Commotions) George's grave, and eventually discovered that just because you and your mate think a bad joke is funny fifteen times over, doesn't mean anyone else will. 


SUNSHINE said...

Now now, Mr Sedgwick - you make it sound like it was the tutoring that tired you out! You and Matt did indeed work hard, but I think perhaps the lock-in at the pub may also have had something to do with it? I fell into such a deep sleep when I got home, I'm sure it was a bit like hibernation. Lovely.
Thanks again for your ideas on my story, I'm Vogler-ing at the moment and thinking of lots of new interesting possibilities.
I hope your new book is coming along well, and expect it to feature a dead porpoise (perhaps in the role of mentor? Just a suggestion.)

innkeeper said...

Marcus, I do think a blog should have frequent entries...April being the last is a tad weak! D3rp